How do the lights plug in?

The trees are powered by a 13-amp transformer, plugged into a standard 13amp indoor socket. We can extend the lights as long as necessary to your most convenient socket to power the lights. 


Are they real trees?

Our external trees are Norwegian Spruces, sourced locally from a recognised British grower and are 5-6ft in height. Our internal trees are Nordman Firs, also known as ‘non-drop’ trees. The external trees do not shed many needles as the temperature outside is cold and keeps the moisture in the trees. And no they are not cut in half when they are installed!


What do the fixings look like and what can we fix into?

We use unobtrusive temporary fixings needing two 10mm holes into the façade at the point of fixing . 99% of our previous clients are happy for us to leave the fixings in for the next year, but we can remove them on request. We can fix into pretty much any material except for slate and tile. Many of our clients are listed buildings, 


Do I need permission to have a tree installed on my building?

Yes, you will need your landlord’s permission for us to install a Christmas Tree to the front of your building. This is down to you to gain this permission. If you place an order with us, we will assume you have permission.


Do I need to turn the lights off?

No! We install the Christmas Trees to give a festive glow all day and night, lighting up the towns and villages. The lights draw pennies worth of electricity over the Christmas period whilst they are lit up. We use warm white 200-bulb low voltage LED fairy lights. 


When do the trees get installed and taken down?

We install trees all around West Sussex, in time for the corresponding area’s Light Switch on. Please see your area for installation dates on the website, or get in touch to find out when we will be in your area. We may not be able to install a tree for you if you order late, due to scheduling.

We aim to take down all the trees within ’12 days of Christmas’.


What happens to the trees afterwards?

We come back round after the New Year Festivities and take down the trees, leaving the fixtures in place for next year. The trees then get shredded/recycled and put back into the earth.


Are you part of the council?

We are a family-run limited business and are not part of any local councils. However, we work with various town and city schemes and councils to provide lights for your local areas, such as Pulborough Parish Council and Chichester BID.