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Local Schemes



We run various schemes with local Towns and Villages, offering different options. Some having funding for a limited number of trees, some operate a subsidiary scheme, requiring a small contribution per tree direct from the client. 

We will create a form to take orders for your scheme. It is down to you to contact the clients and follow up, if necessary, before the given deadline in area.

(You) scheme operator

(we/us) Festive Illuminations Ltd

(client) shop/business/resident receiving our services


  • We will create a form on a private page on our website, only accessible via link, emailed out by you. The client must complete the form in order to confirm the order and installation. We can send you information for you to email clients about the scheme, information about trees and the installations and dates.

  • The information will be stored in the backend of our website, we will then take the information and put it onto a private accessible live spreadsheet between us, keeping both parties up to date with ongoing orders.

  • Our trees are ordered on an individual basis, we do not carry a large surplus, therefore accurate orders are paramount.

  • If you/your client, miss the given deadline for pre-booked trees, or you have late new clients, there will be an additional charge of £5 per tree.



If you are running a subsidiary scheme, we do not take part payment from your clients. You must organise part payment from your clients, you will be invoiced for the full amount of your scheme. 

We can take orders for extra trees if your clients would like to add additional, not included within your schemes. These will need to be ordered directly through the front end of our website.

You are responsible for following up all clients; if they have not filled out the form, we are unable to provide them with a tree.

Clients/you are responsible for landlord’s permission prior to installation. We can give an installation guide of fixings if required, please contact This is outlined on the order form.

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